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Priest in Charge & Inter-faith Adviser to the Croydon Episcopate


Mr. Vibert F. Clarke, Warden

Vibert was in the building trade but is now in semi-retirement.


Rev. Keith Veen BTh, Associate Minister (Permission to Officiate) 

Keith is a retired building surveyor, non-stipendiary Minister and is bass player in the worship group.  


Norma Wapshott, Parish Lay Worker

Originally from Carlisle, Norma trained for Christian ministry in Bristol and then having worked in a North London parish came to Croydon where she worked in the local hospital as a secretary. 

Margaret Webb, Co-ordinator, Missionary Societies

Delores Archer, Co-ordinator, Home Groups

Toni Gosnell, Co-ordinator, Sunday School


The PCC is responsible for the financial affairs of the church and the care and maintenance of the church fabric and its contents. It also has a voice in the forms of Service used by the church and may make representations to the bishop on matters affecting the welfare of the parish.

Although the PCC has ultimate responsibility, it delegates some of this work. The financial affairs are managed on a day-to-day basis by the Treasurer. There are other committees plus groups for administrative, instructional or social purposes. Each of these committees is invited to report at every PCC meeting.

In addition to their formal duties, PCC members act as representatives for all parishioners in the affairs of the church. Apart from the vicar, who is ex-officio chairman, all PCC members are elected directly or indirectly by the parishioners. An Annual Parochial Church Meeting must be held before April 30th each year. All who are on the church's Electoral Roll can attend and may vote for members of the PCC. They also vote for the Deanery Synod representatives, who become ex-officio PCC members, as are the two Churchwardens. 


Mrs. Norma Wapshott (Vice-Chair)

Revd. Keith Veen (Deanery Synod Rep)

Mr. Vibert Clarke (Warden)

Ms. Sharron Gordon (PCC Secretary)

Mrs. Toks (Treasurer)

Mr. Richard Mullins (Minute Secretary)

Mrs. Rose Gordon 

Mr. Abiodun Daramola (Member Deanery Synod)

Mr. Doziem Onyeanuna

Mr. Frank Oko

Mr. Ernest Johnson (Member, Deanery Synond)

Mr. Okwuchukwu Michael - Nwosu 

Mr. Keith Woolley (Member, Deanery Synod)

Mrs. Nova Veen (Member, Deanery Synod)

Ms. Viviene Witter

Mr. Anthony Facey (Child Protection Officer)

Mr. Hugh Arnold

Mrs. Jenny Arnold 

Mrs. Lucy

Ms. Afia (Member, Deanery Synod)

Mrs. Elizabeth Jinadu

Mr. Frenklin Khedia

Ms. Mercella Rita Jones